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We are a manufacturer and fabricator of high quality metal stampings and flat springs. We have a large selection of stamping presses up to 125 ton capacity.

Assembly and Secondary Operations


Production Capabilities

Precision Metal Stamping with Progressive Dies up to 125 Ton Punch Press Capacity
Precision Metal Stamping with 4-Slide Machines
In House Tool and Die Department for Tool Building and Maintenance
Low Volume Metal Cutting WaterJet, Wire EDM, and Power Sheer
Low Volume Metal Bending and Stamping Power Press Brake


Secondary Processing

Assembly of Subcomponents
Secondary Punching
Deburring, Tapping, Drilling, Countersinking, and Machining
Heat Treating, Plating, Anodizing, Painting, Passivation and Powder Coating
Local Delivery


Materials Capabilities

Beryllium Copper
Phosphor Bronze
Cold Rolled Steel
Galvanized Steel
Spring Steels
Stainless Steel


Pressroom Equipment

1 125 ton Bliss O.B.I. press
3 P2 -100 ton Minster S.S.D.C. presses
1 100 ton Bliss O.B.I. press
1 P2 -75 ton Minster S.S.D.C. press
1 P2 -60 ton Minster S.S.D.C. press
5 60 ton Minster O.B.I. presses
2 60 ton Bliss O.B.I. presses
1 45 ton Minster O.B.I. press
2 32 ton Minster O.B.I. press
2 B1-22 ton Minster O.B.I. presses
2 22 ton Bliss-C-22 O.B.I. presses
1 Nilson 4-slide, model 700-L
1 Nilson 4-slide, model S-0
1 Torrington verti-slide, V82
8 Stock feeders, rapid air
4 Mechanical roll feeders
4 Mechanical slide feeders
3 Air compressors---25HP, 15HP, 15HP
3 44" Stock reels
6 Power pay-off reels
3 Combination cradle and straighteners
2 5000 lb. forklifts
3 Automatic tapping machines
2 Counting scales
1 10 Foot Amada power shear
1 Amada RG-35S power brake

Stamping Presses Up to 125 Tons

4-Slide Products

WaterJet Machining

Wire EDM
(Electrical Discharge Machining)

Parts of All Sizes

Personal service with quick response to customer needs is our top priority. Please call or e-mail a .dxf or CAD file for a prompt, competitive quote.
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